Friday, August 8, 2008

So Busy!!!

I got this pretty ATC done and want to get some more done but time is not slowing down for me!!! I have several projects that I'm working on right now. I'm signed up for 2 chunky book swaps, a cool fiber/ribbon swap, Image swaps (those are done and waiting to be mailed. I just had to stamp out images with black ink on white card stock easy peasy!) My Art Journal hasn't gotten a lot of attention but as I work on my canvas the extra paint that I put out on my pallet I'm painting backgrounds in my journal to work on later. Ohhhhhhh the Canvas... I just started that last night and it is coming along. I just love working on canvas!!! I love the feel of the cloth under the paint brush and it is so much sturdier than paper! (DUH!!! LOL) Today and the next few days I will be cooking for FIL to help him be independent in his own home. We found out last Monday that he does have lung cancer but it is the kind that can be cured with surgery. We visit the surgeon next Monday and find out if he is in good enough health to go through the surgery. I would appreciate any prayers (or good wishes according to what you believe) that you can give for him.
Well back to the hot kitchen! The menu contains a lot of chicken, turkey and fish. Going to make some stir fry (that isn't fried) for him this time around.
Have an art filled day... Hugs!

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