Thursday, September 25, 2008

More fun time with my Granddaugher

Yesterday I was blessed with some art time with my granddaughter. I haven't seen her for a while and she was so excited to see all the pictures that I'm currently working on. She saw the fairy queen that I'm still working on for her. I was going to put a puppy in the fairy queens arms well now it will be a dog that is dressed because that is what she wants.

My little fairy princess created a lot of new art for me but I was really impressed when she copied one of my pieces or art... my mermaid. So I wanted to share with you both of our pictures. For only 8 years old and a mother that claims she can't even draw a stick person I think she is doing great! I sent her home with some oil pastels (she loves using those) and a stack of card stock including several different colors for her to work with.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I took some pictures of the pictures that I'm working on. I have a layer of glimmering paint on all of them now and it is making it very hard to get a good picture of them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pain, Fear, Sad, Angry, Mad, Etc.

Earlier this spring I was going through a very hard time. Things are much better for me now although it is still a tough year for our household. I'm very thankful for the love of a very good man. But the point of this post is for my online friends that are going through hard times. I found that keeping an art journal was a life saver for me. I believe that it can help you too! It is a very easy exercise to help you deal with your feelings. I simply put my feelings into a page of my art journal (you can use a sketch pad, or just a piece of paper for this). Does it have to be a picture representing you and your feelings??? NO You can use color, words, abstract images, cut something out of a magazine anything that you can concentrate on and will represent your feelings. Are you angry? you can just scribble in red, Are you sad, scribble in blue. Once you have finished the page then turn to a fresh page and and create a page to represent your blessings. Yep even on our worst days there is always something that we can be grateful for. Even at the worst of times you do have a roof over your head. I know I can be grateful for a loving husband, I have 3 wonderful fur babies that love me no matter what, I have wonderful loving on line friends etc. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get the poison of pain, fear, anger etc out of your system and replace it with something that you can be grateful for or makes you happy!

Know that you are loved!!

Big Hugs from me to you!

My dining room stuido

This is the proper use of a dining room isn't it??

I have started to put layers on this little girl. She isn't finished yet but I'm liking how she is coming together! I'm really having a lot of fun working on wood. I love how forgiving the wood can be and the wonderful texture that comes though.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pretty girls on wood

Well I have faces and clothes for my little girls on wood. These are on pine and it is pretty rough wood but I think their faces turned out nice. The paintings are far from done but I wanted to show them off I'm working on one on a much smoother wood. I will post her when I get her face done.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Suzi Blu Class

This is the last face that I have finished. I have moved on to my junk wood again so that I can get better at wood burning, shading and painting faces on wood. We have also gotten to where we are making clothes for our pretty little girls. I am having so much fun with this class!! Suzi is so wonderful she is giving us more than she promised in PDF's and Videos. I can't believe that she has the time to keep the class going with over 300 people! She is still able to help us with little problems we have in our drawings and more important boosting our self confidence. The community that she has made is wonderful. Everyone is so supportive of each other... I have actually made a lot of friends and I hope that Suzi keeps the site going forever so we don't loose track of each other. (Suzi says she plans to leave the site up and that is wonderful!!)

Its late and I'm tired I will try to scan some stuff and share it on here tomorrow or the next day. You have an art filled day!!!