Thursday, July 31, 2008

More of my art journal

I have created a couple more pages in my art journal that I would like to share. It is so relaxing when I can just sit and paint.
I love daisy's and I'm happy with how this painting turned out!

The pic on this page reminds me of when I take my baby Boo for a ride. It is so funny to see the look on people’s faces when they see my baby Boo….lol My Boo is only 165lbs
(but he is on a diet)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Walkin the Dog

I got this idea when hubby and I took our dogs for a walk. I started out with a flat painting but didn't like it because there just wasn't anything really exciting about it. I added a lot of texture to the background by paining paper towel, tearing it up and layering it on the paper. I then took a paper doll that I had made and added her on top. I used brown velour paper to make the dog. The dog's collar and leash are gold fiber. The little house is a button. The butterflies are sequins, The clouds are very fluffy made of sparkle flakes (the type of stuff you buy at Christmas time to make snow). The flower and leaf are 3 dimensional. and she as a large glass bead at the top of her dress. I used a lot of glitter glue, pearl ex, and shinny mod podge to give her a lot of sparkled and shine. There is a shadow of leaves at the top of the painting.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Mindy

Well our little girl Mindy is doing better already! Hubby gives her massages to loosen up her muscles (Boo gets upset if I give her too much attention) and we have encouraged her to move around more and it is working. We both believe that all that was wrong with her legs was she was stiff from being tied up and never taken for walks! Last night she got up on the sofa with very little help. Today she is getting up from a sitting position and walking a lot faster. I watched her get on the porch (its about 2 feet up) without the use of the steps! Her tail is at half mast instead of between her legs (that is a sign that she isn't as scared as she was at first! It may never go all the way up because Boo won't let her be dominate dog... but that is OK we just want them to be friends!)

Boo is getting a little better with her but is still barking in her face at times. We are giving Boo time out (believe this or not but when we lock him out of the house for a while he really dose better when we let him back

It would be wonderful to be able to see all 3 dogs playing in the back yard together! We hope that Mindy will keep improving as she has the past couple of days! We aren't asking for miracles as we understand she is a very old baby but just seeing her happy gives me such a wonderful feeling!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our New Baby Mindy

Mindy no sooner got into our house and she found a dish of food... She made herself right at home and ate her fill before we started cleaning her up. You can't really see the mats or bald spots in this pic but she was a real mess and it will probably take a while for her coat to grow back but it will and she loves her hair combed so she shouldn't have a problem with mats ever again!!

Sweet Mindy resting after a hard 24 hours! She loves that comfy chair!

Our little Mindy Girl! Doesn't she have a sweet face. Who could mistreat such a sweet baby!

Boo Boo Bear is my baby, I was looking for a bouv puppy and I fell in love with him. The person that we got him from said he was 6 weeks old and he looked it ... Later when we where asking more questions about him we found out he was only 3 weeks old when we brought him home. He is now 5 yrs old and spoiled rotten (I spoil all my Shame on all breeders that will cross breed dogs on purpose and especially those that would give away a puppy that is under 6 weeks of age!! (he is lab and bouv mix)

Chase was rescued from going to the pound when he was a puppy! He is now our sweet little baby (About 10 years old now) He is such a sinker... he loves to hide Boo's

Well she really isn’t a baby … the vet said she is between 10 and 12 years old. Here is her story! We were taking her to the pound for someone because we all thought she had mange and she was having a lot of trouble walking. She lived outside and was on a chain that was way to heavy for her. All she would do was lay there. When I took the chain off her she wouldn’t even follow me around the yard like she used to! Well we put little Mindy in the back seat of our blazer and set out for the pound. Mindy really perked up she just loved the ride! Hubby and I started talking and decided it would be better if our vet put her to sleep as at the pound they don’t even act like they like dogs!!!! So we turned around and headed towards the Vet. With a lot of discussion we decided to have the vet check her over and see if she had anything contagious At that time we already had 2 dogs) and how much it would cost to bring her health back if it was possible.
The Vet explained that she is half German Sheppard and half husky and that when huskies shed the undercoat gets caught causing mats… when the mats get too big they will pull the hair out and that was why she was bald in places. Of course he did a skin scraping and found that she did not have mange. He checked her over and gave us stuff to clean and medicate her ears …. They were really gross! So on the way home with Mindy we stopped to pick up some clippers to help get the mats out of her hair. We spent about 4 hours last night combing , shaving and bathing little Mindy! She was such a good girl and even started to fall asleep while we were combing and shaving her…lol We decided that was enough for one night as we had all had a very hard day. She still needed her nails trimmed and her ears cleaned but she had been in this shape for a long time … one more night wasn’t going to make a lot of difference. We locked Mindy in the kitchen because we were not sure that she was house broke. This morning she was ready to run outside but she had not had an accident in the night! What a blessing that I won’t have to house break her. We did get her nails trimmed and her ears are clean and medicated. I gave her a buffern and she seems to be walking a lot better now.
Our little cockapoo Chase has been very welcoming to Mindy. The Bouv/lab mix, Boo Boo Bear is a different story. We have had to close all the doors and keep Mindy where we can see her as Boo true to his Bouv nature keeps getting her cornered and barking at her! He seems to be doing a little better now but I think that it is because Mindy is in Hubby's chair and he is laying between her and me. I know he is trying to protect me from this intruder dog but enough is enough….lol Boo is really a sweet dog when he isn’t trying to protect me so I know that he will warm up to little Mindy in time.
Well all of this is taking away from my time with my art but Mindy having a comfortable last few years is worth it! She has such a sweet disposition and now that her hair is clean and she doesn’t stink her fir feels like silk. We never planned on having 3 dogs but we couldn’t put her down… she is to healthy and so sweet. She will never again be tied up with a chain… she has a big back yard to play in and a soft place to sleep. She will never be exposed to bad weather any longer than it takes her to do her business outside.
I have a few ATC’s that I did the other day and when I get back to my craft area (that is where the printer/scanner is I will put them up for all to see.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Granddaughers Art

What better complement could I ask for than to have my lovely 8 year old granddaughter copy some of my art! I have been working on a painting of a woman walking her dog.... Inspired by my walk with hubby and our dogs. Katie saw it laying there and started trying to copy it. I did show her how I make hands, eyes and the dog. I think she did a wonderful job!! I always love her visit and now they are even more fun because she loves to create art with me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flower Lady

I created this lovley lady with acrylic inks. I had added touches of colored paper, german scrap butterflies and beads to give it some added interest. I covered the complete picture with Mod Podge to make it more durale. I have posted her on E-Bay to sell but as this is the first thing I have tried to sell I don't expect much. If she doesn't sell I will be happy to keep her as I think she turned out nice.