Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Days

I'm still working on my ATC's for different groups that I belong to. Once I get them scanned in I will share them. I have a painting in process to work on and the blank canvas setting their waiting for me. I will get caught up in time. This summer has been so busy!!! I look forward to when everything in my life settles down and I can spend more time with my art!

Mindy is coming along nicely. She still has traces of a limp and walks slow and careful but she is getting more curious and wandering around the house and yard more. Boo is still complaining that Mindy has girl cooties and he doesn't want her eating or drinking out of the dishes. But they are starting to get along better than they did at first. Mindy isn't as afraid of Boo as she was. Chase is getting along with Mindy great! Its fun when all 3 of my babies cuddle around me... I love the time can spend giving them lovin back!

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