Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Fun Mail

I have received another ATC from a friend in Suzi Blu's group. This lovely little ATC is hand drawn. Let me tell you it is very hard to draw a little girl that is only 3 inches high!!! Thanks so much for sharing your art Edie!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun Mail

ATC created by Helena
Postcard created by Helena
Several people in Suzi Blu's group have decided to trade art. I sent out my art several days ago but today I received not one but to envelopes of art!!! In one envelope was the wonderful little ATC with a sweet note and some lovely doodles! In the other Envelope I received this wonderful post card when Helena put some of Suzi's art with her art and it turned out so wonderful!
Thank you so much Helena for the wonderful art that you shared with me!!!

Mindy Girl is Mending

Our little Mindy girl is mending quickly. Yesterday when we were sitting on the back porch playing with the dogs little Mindy was in a very playful mood... In fact that was the first time that I saw her jumping around and playing!! Boo has a very large bone that he likes to carry around and chew on. Little Mindy saw it laying on the ground ... picked it up ... and tossed it in the air over her head. Then she ran around in the area and came back to give me a Mindy hug. It was so cute I wish I had a movie camera!!! To top it all off Mindy hasn't had a buffern for several days. I'm starting to believe my hubby that her problem was no exercise and no love.

Boo is still giving Mindy a hard time and Mindy is still a little skittish around Boo but it isn't as bad as it was at first... Boo will learn to accept Mindy as part of the family. And little Chase... he is a sweetie and loves his puppy hugs and he just loves everyone!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Suzi Blu Art Class

Hubby paid for me to take Suzi Blu's art class!! I'm so excited! I have the first lesson and have started practicing pretty eyes instead of scared I probably won't be adding much to this blog till I get done with the class. With my ATC swap group, the class, and my 3 babies I will be swamped. I will try to share some of my sketches but Suzi's class is copyrighted so I won't be sharing her secrets. I hope to have much prettier girls once I'm done with the class in Oct.

New Painting "Fairy Lady"

No the painting isn't crooked the photo is... I'm not real good at taking pictures of my art... I'm not sure if it is me or the camera or This little girl was a lot of fun to draw and paint and I even gave her a little kitty!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fairy girls

Ive never tried to draw wings before. I have seen several different styles of wings and some are going to take a lot of practice but I sorta like these simple wings.
Drawn and colored with color pencils
This one is done with water colors.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Art Journal

Front cover of my new art journal... I tried several times but I couldn't get a good pic of this... that is the down side of a cheap camera and lot of glitter and shine
I used book board on each side of a zipper pocket so I could draw on a flat surface and protect the pocket that I use to carry pencils and such for drawing away from home. I just used cheap card stock for the pages because I will only be using pen, pencil or colored pencils in this journal

I created another art journal. I wanted something that was small enough to take with me and would store my pencils so they didn't get lost in my suitcase of a purse. Ive been thinking that I don't want to just draw pretty girls so I have decided to learn to make wings so my pretty girls could be fairies or angels. So I dressed up my new journal with fairies and angels I think it turned out pretty cool!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lady Love

I purchased Suzi Blu's art kit and what a treasure that was!!! I got some fantastic directions on coloring a pretty face, and creating a multimedia piece of art! But that wasn't all I got... I got some really cool paint that creates wonderful depth and glimmer! I drew my own pretty girl on water color paper and then use a lot of stuff from my kit and some stuff I already had for my art. I'm so much happier since I learned to use watercolor to create the face instead of paint!!! Thank you so much Suzi for the wonderful kit and all the help you have given me to create pretty girls!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Helper

No that isn't blood it is red ink!! He is a great help when I spill something... it lands on him instead of the

My helper Boo... It is a challenge to get into and out of my crafting area!

Yep I work at my kitchen table and another table placed next to it. I have a small space that I can wheel around in my computer chair so I can reach almost everything that I need except when my helper squeezes into my small area!! Thanks Boo for all of your help and not getting angry when I spill paint on you or a jar of pencils tumbles on top of you. Its also nice that while you won't move for me to pick things up you don't mind it when I move a leg or tail that is in the way. And you don't wake up when I try to clean the paint off of I love ya little Boo!

Chunky Book Pages

These little people with their ATC in hand is the front of my page. These are the 2 styles but they all have color variations. I used a dry brush technique to paint the background and the body is a domino colored with alcohol ink to color it and diamond dust embossing powder to give it its sparkle!
Above is the back of my pages. I used very wet watercolor to color the baby wipes for the background on these. It was fun making the butterflies with my cuttle bug!

I have finished my 4x4 pages for the no theme chunky book we are doing in our group. The pictures I took weren't so great but I tough I would share them. I believe that all book pages have to be done and in the mail by Oct 14 so I'm way ahead of schedule. Because I'm binding one set of the books and my sister is binding the other set I don't have to have my covers done at a set time... that is a good thing with everything going on right now.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chunky Books from 4x4 Coasters

Front and back of my page for the quotes chunky book.

My ATC group has decided to do 3 different chunky books. One is quotes, one is artist choice and the last one is Christmas. I have just finished the pages for the quotes chunky book! These books are so much fun to make!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My First Canvas!!

Well I finished my first painting on Canvas and I love it! I'll never get rich on my art but it is fun and relaxing to do. It feels good to get on canvas the picture that was in my head!
I included a view of the pic at an angel to show how the color seems to change when you look at it from different angels. I don't know what causes this but I sure love the effect. (I think I know how to reproduce the effect and will try to do that another day.
Now onto the 3 4x4 books that I have agreed to do!

Background Challange

One of my groups is doing a background challenge. It will be using supplies that you have around the house or can easily obtain. This first challenge was so fun and easy I want to share it with everyone!

I call this one Watercolor and Alcohol

1. Wet both sides of the paper with water to dampen the card.
2. Paint water color on the front of your card. The stronger the color the better this will work.
3. Quickly while the paint is still wet, dip your clean paint brush in the rubbing alcohol and lightly touch the surface of the wet paint with the alcohol. Let dry.
4. Add your own embellishments.
5. Do steps 1 and 2 but this time draw lines using a small clean paint brush and alcohol
6. Do steps 1 and 2 but this time dip a clean stiff bristle brush into the alcohol and flip the bristles with your finger, splattering the alcohol over the surface.
Let these dry and add your own embellishments!

Created by Laura S.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It's my youngest kiddo's birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jeff!! Wow I can't believe that he is 30 already!!! I gave him a happy birthday call and was I surprised!!! We have another grand baby on the way!!! The little tyke or tykette will arrive next March! He/She will have 2 older brothers!! It will make 3 wonderful kids for Jeff and his sweet wife Jaime! And yep this i This will be my 6th grand baby!!! That seems hard to believe when I'm only 29 years old this year (lol)

Well I wanted to share the happy news!

I hope to finish my first canvas tomorrow! I have a few little things to do to it before I call it finished.

Friday, August 8, 2008

So Busy!!!

I got this pretty ATC done and want to get some more done but time is not slowing down for me!!! I have several projects that I'm working on right now. I'm signed up for 2 chunky book swaps, a cool fiber/ribbon swap, Image swaps (those are done and waiting to be mailed. I just had to stamp out images with black ink on white card stock easy peasy!) My Art Journal hasn't gotten a lot of attention but as I work on my canvas the extra paint that I put out on my pallet I'm painting backgrounds in my journal to work on later. Ohhhhhhh the Canvas... I just started that last night and it is coming along. I just love working on canvas!!! I love the feel of the cloth under the paint brush and it is so much sturdier than paper! (DUH!!! LOL) Today and the next few days I will be cooking for FIL to help him be independent in his own home. We found out last Monday that he does have lung cancer but it is the kind that can be cured with surgery. We visit the surgeon next Monday and find out if he is in good enough health to go through the surgery. I would appreciate any prayers (or good wishes according to what you believe) that you can give for him.
Well back to the hot kitchen! The menu contains a lot of chicken, turkey and fish. Going to make some stir fry (that isn't fried) for him this time around.
Have an art filled day... Hugs!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Thank you Suzi for creating the Suzi Blu Party Girl Kit

It finally came!!! My kit is here!!! Looking through the kit it is just as (if not more) WONDERFUL as Suzi said it would be. Looking through all the wonderful stuff that came with this kit how could you help but have a wonderful painting. I looked at some of the directions for coloring the face and ohhhhhhhhhhh she makes it sound so easy. Yes I have worked with watercolor pencils before and I believe that I will be able to do this!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE It!!! Thank you Suzi and I hope somehow I can get the money together to take your online class. I know I could learn so much from you!!!

Busy Days

I'm still working on my ATC's for different groups that I belong to. Once I get them scanned in I will share them. I have a painting in process to work on and the blank canvas setting their waiting for me. I will get caught up in time. This summer has been so busy!!! I look forward to when everything in my life settles down and I can spend more time with my art!

Mindy is coming along nicely. She still has traces of a limp and walks slow and careful but she is getting more curious and wandering around the house and yard more. Boo is still complaining that Mindy has girl cooties and he doesn't want her eating or drinking out of the dishes. But they are starting to get along better than they did at first. Mindy isn't as afraid of Boo as she was. Chase is getting along with Mindy great! Its fun when all 3 of my babies cuddle around me... I love the time can spend giving them lovin back!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Some ATC's then to my first canvas

Here are the ATC's I will be sending to the ladies in my ATC Swap Group

Glittery Lace

Vacation ATC

Snips and Snails

Navy Blue Imagination

Quote ATC

Artist Choice Fairy in a bottle

Basket ATC

Art Journal ATC

I bought my first canvas to create art on!!! I'm so excited! I need to get a few ATC's that I created out but then I start work on my Canvas! I have 2 beautiful white 12 x 12 space to create art on!! The first one I plan to create is the flower that I painted in my art journal!!! I'm so excited. I don't know yet what I will create on the second canvas but I know it will be wonderful....