Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Art Journal

Front cover of my new art journal... I tried several times but I couldn't get a good pic of this... that is the down side of a cheap camera and lot of glitter and shine
I used book board on each side of a zipper pocket so I could draw on a flat surface and protect the pocket that I use to carry pencils and such for drawing away from home. I just used cheap card stock for the pages because I will only be using pen, pencil or colored pencils in this journal

I created another art journal. I wanted something that was small enough to take with me and would store my pencils so they didn't get lost in my suitcase of a purse. Ive been thinking that I don't want to just draw pretty girls so I have decided to learn to make wings so my pretty girls could be fairies or angels. So I dressed up my new journal with fairies and angels I think it turned out pretty cool!

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