Sunday, August 10, 2008

My First Canvas!!

Well I finished my first painting on Canvas and I love it! I'll never get rich on my art but it is fun and relaxing to do. It feels good to get on canvas the picture that was in my head!
I included a view of the pic at an angel to show how the color seems to change when you look at it from different angels. I don't know what causes this but I sure love the effect. (I think I know how to reproduce the effect and will try to do that another day.
Now onto the 3 4x4 books that I have agreed to do!


christina d said...

I love it. Where's mine? Only kidding. Sch pretty art!!

Georgia said...

Wowza!! Absolutely beautiful. Hope you hang this proudly in our home!! I can't believe this is the first one you've done.

Katz said...

Great canvas Shirl ! It's the first time I came around here, must say you make great art-work. Love your style.

Grtz, Katz

Dawnmarie said...

This is gorgeous!!! You are such an inspiration!!