Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Helper

No that isn't blood it is red ink!! He is a great help when I spill something... it lands on him instead of the

My helper Boo... It is a challenge to get into and out of my crafting area!

Yep I work at my kitchen table and another table placed next to it. I have a small space that I can wheel around in my computer chair so I can reach almost everything that I need except when my helper squeezes into my small area!! Thanks Boo for all of your help and not getting angry when I spill paint on you or a jar of pencils tumbles on top of you. Its also nice that while you won't move for me to pick things up you don't mind it when I move a leg or tail that is in the way. And you don't wake up when I try to clean the paint off of I love ya little Boo!

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