Sunday, October 5, 2008

Visit me on Etsy!

I have put up my first art piece for sale on Etsy.

This little boy needs a home. He would look wonderful in a child’s room or anyplace else in your home. This colorful painting is created on a piece of rough plywood. It has many different layers which give it wonderful depth. You get not only the texture from the rough plywood but there are several elements on this painting which gives the painting a variety of texture. The painting is hung by a sturdy green, blue, and yellow ribbon so all you need is a small hook or nail to hang him. He has a protective coating that will make dusting him a breeze.

There are several elements to this painting. I first used a wood burning tool to outline this little rock star and his guitar. His face is done with a combination of colored pencils and paint to give him his sweet innocent look. I have used paints, wood stain, sheet music, confetti and clay and a guitar pic to dress him up for a party. The sides are painted and also finished. I have signed the painting on the front and the back has the paintings name “Rock Star”, my name (the artist) and 10/08 which is when I finished this master piece. The painting measures approximately 16inches high by 15 inches wide and ½ inch deep.

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