Sunday, October 19, 2008

Artzy 4 U Blog

I have started a new blog just for those of you that would like to get sneak peeks at my new art work before it is listed on Etsy. I will also be giving discounts for fast deals on that site. If you would like to purchase an art piece before it is listed I will give you a nice discount on the price.

I will also create art just for prospective buyers. You just share what you would like. Do you want a fairy? and angel? boy or girl? do you like butterflies, fish, mermaids, music, I can incorporate it into your art. I will then notify you when it is complete. You then can be the first person to see the piece. If you want it you can buy it. If it didn't turn out like you expected it to then you are not obligated to buy it and you have invested no money in it.

You will also meet some wonderful people on my new site. They are the bubble babies from the planet bubble in the sudsy solar system. These little aliens always have motivational things to tell you. So far we have met Radar. He is a cute little guy that believes you should always reach for the moon.

So hop on over to and check out my new site.

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Anne said...

What a great idea! Good luck with your Etsy store! :-)