Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Mindy

Well our little girl Mindy is doing better already! Hubby gives her massages to loosen up her muscles (Boo gets upset if I give her too much attention) and we have encouraged her to move around more and it is working. We both believe that all that was wrong with her legs was she was stiff from being tied up and never taken for walks! Last night she got up on the sofa with very little help. Today she is getting up from a sitting position and walking a lot faster. I watched her get on the porch (its about 2 feet up) without the use of the steps! Her tail is at half mast instead of between her legs (that is a sign that she isn't as scared as she was at first! It may never go all the way up because Boo won't let her be dominate dog... but that is OK we just want them to be friends!)

Boo is getting a little better with her but is still barking in her face at times. We are giving Boo time out (believe this or not but when we lock him out of the house for a while he really dose better when we let him back

It would be wonderful to be able to see all 3 dogs playing in the back yard together! We hope that Mindy will keep improving as she has the past couple of days! We aren't asking for miracles as we understand she is a very old baby but just seeing her happy gives me such a wonderful feeling!

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katy said...

oh such a nice thing you guys did! i came over from suzi blu blog to check out your new baby she has the cutest sweetest face! i also wanted to let you know that i had a dog years ago that i kinda rescued who had gotten thin and wasnt walking well (he had been shot at about 3 yrs of age and was about 9 then i guess). we took him to the vet and he said that it was probably arthritis due to being shot and we got some pain medicine (dont remember what it was). he was on that for a bit and eventually i could cut the dose to half then to nothing as he got stronger and more healthy. so there is hope that mindy will totally recover.